In Hungary egg trade is not built up so nowadays it begins to develop. Processed products are known and used exclusively by other food products factories. Processed egg products are less known by general public.

Our firm, the Pasteur Egg Processing Ltd., deals with egg production, egg processing and putting egg products on the market. At first we only dealed with egg production but later instead of stock extension we aimed to process eggs and we fulfilled the conditions in 1998..

Since then the enterprise has been keeping growing because of the dynamic development. It is due to gaining experiences regularly, family control, persistence and the continuously used ISO 9001 and HACCP systems. In our plants (egg liquid producing plant, disinfecting plant) major share of the labour process requires man-power (at the beginning there were 5 employees, now the number of people on the staff is about 50).


While the production is growing, economicalness and effectiveness can decrease without the suitable resources of labour force, so extension and mechanization are unavoidable in the plants. Differently from earlier, production will probably increase in a higher degree and it may require this number of the employees.

Our products: prandial eggs, pasteurized egg liquid and eggs with disinfected shells, treated on the surface. I would lay stress on the latter one which we began to turn over in 2000. Its speciality is to be produced by an own, patented technology.. During this process the natural surface treating matter of vegetable origin forms a protective layer on the egg-shell to hinder microbial impurity.

This product is of great importance in canteen meals, catering trade and where HACCP and ISO 9001 are used.

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